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My Great Grandfather was a skillful tinkerer, able to take any old broken machine and make them whole again or repurpose the parts for use as something else.

His small workshop was magical and mysterious to me. I would let myself get lost in there as a young boy, touching, playing, and emulating. This piece was created in homage to him. As he would, I took pieces and parts from older broken down phonographs and remade them out of wood which were hollowed to allow sound through. Other pieces are custom designed and fitted to work alongside one another as this is a functional machine. The horn was made using laser etched, steam bent and then laminated maple sections. Sections were then stitched together to make a complete horn. I also utilized cast iron and bronze to provide the main framework and crank parts. Patterns for the castings were hand carved out of wood and then a mold was created from the patterns.

Watch video of Gramophone in action →

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