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“The Weight of Wishes”

Bring consciousness to the consequences of making wishes….

There was this carved wooden buddha I used to stare at and touch at my Great Grandma’s house. After she passed away it was the only thing I asked to have. It sat on my shelf until a quickly encroaching iron pour needed molds. They came out as a cast iron and copper matrix. The scales were imagined after the fact and an overall concept formed in thinking about wish making. Users offer pennies and make a wish being asked, What is the weight of wishes? Do they simply exist in thin air with no tethers? Perhaps making wishes carries more weight than it seems. When wishing are you settling on the fact that you are not willing to make the effort to see an actualization? Or, are you wishing for the impossible knowing you could never see an actualization? The weight is in the effects wishing has psychologically and the physical actions taken after that. This piece is meant to bring consciousness to the consequences of making wishes.

Project Details