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THANK YOU Chris and Chris of for the coding help…I was a ship with no paddles for a while there!

Well the event was a success through and through. I showed up late and overworked but installed my piece without a hitch. By the time the show opened I barely had time to take a breath. People poured in from all entrances. Normally when I have shown in the past for a one night event I might interact with a few handfuls of people. Even fewer are questions that make you stop and think about a response. I was fortunate enough to have this on an immense scale in a matter of hours. The feedback loop in my systems are to me as an artist just as important as the hardware. By feedback loop I mean feedback in the human sense. A social and psychological sensor. The experience forced me to explain my ideas and choices and also allowed me insight on where this kind of work can fit in. It’s automated, loud sometimes, somewhat intimidating but can sing an enticing song if you can learn its parameters and give the system a chance. Technology?…..over and over and over…What is it? I skirted the question and tried not to label the work. The evening ended, I had my drink or three and slept, I now move forward with the battle between art and automation. Cheers! Working on Portfolio quality documentation currently…

Full screen and HD me please!

“Sirens” @ Emerge 2014 – Carnival of the future from Thad Trubakoff on Vimeo.

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