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Cover shot

I began this semesters workload with; first, the challenge of getting my gramophone piece up to gallery status.  Secondly and more excitingly a new project in mind.  A set of scales that would have a cycle of motion actuated by a user pouring sand into well, scales.  One of the scales is perforated  allowing sand to fall through and therefore the loss of that sides weight bringing the cycle back to a “zero” point.  The other would be non perforated to act as a constant.  Here are some shots of the progress and an overall gallery shot, soon a video of its action.


Double stick tape pattern to blank

Drill holes

Jigsaw out waste

Router table w/helix pattern bit


Pattern routing

Template taken off after pattern routing

Drilled out bearing holes

To the lathe.

Close up of rotary tool work to round out spokes

All sanded and oiled up, ready for lacquer

Laser cutter in action

Makes for swift work of birch veneer

Mesh grill installed

Lead shot for added weight under the center of gravity

Final piece was hung from wall

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