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A while back I was approached by a good friend and amazing guy Damon Mcintyre
He wanted to do a group collaborative installation at the ASU Night gallery here in Tempe. Of course I was on board as I knew a group he assembled could pull off an amazing show and it was born. Eric Clausen, Dannon Schroeder and my brother Jordan Trubakoff added to the team nicely. We met up, talked, and spit balled ideas off of each other. We all have unique styles but somehow an underlying idea and aesthetic came through. Dannon really pushed the concept off by building a piece using pallet wood he had been experimenting with, using it as a canvas for paintings. The rest followed suit and overall we were able to play like big kids and really put some nice stuff together. The process was mostly reactionary for me as we only prepared for the installation a few or four days before the material was brought to the gallery. In this case I knew I wanted to do a kinetic piece that required slight planning and pulleys. That in mind I started making a ton of pulleys that fit cording I had bought a while ago. I figured I’d stumble upon the rest later. Remembering the broken down slow speed sharpener, I retrofit some parts as to drive a belt made from the aforementioned cording. IT WORKED! The whole system was stapled in and around the installation.

Better pictures and videos to follow including artist interviews.

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