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This semester turned out to be quite fulfilling…Although I never get as much done as I’d like I still walked away with a few nice pieces and also was able to participate in some very nice shows.   Teaching was another thing I had the pleasure of doing this semester.  It was a ton of fun and my students were great.  Most teachers will agree that there is no other greater feeling of fulfillment then helping another grow and succeed.  My students started the semester very green having not worked in a wood shop at all and I feel confidant in all their abilities now.  A couple even decided to stay on and take some upper division woods classes in the spring.


That being said here are some progress shots of the some of the pieces I completed this fall.  Portfolio status photos will be up soon of the finished pieces.


Wax pattern on left with the original wooden buddha to the right

Cast iron/copper matrix.  Casting method used was ceramic shell.

Laser cutting pattern onto poplar for center piece of scales.


Cutting grooves for the slats.

Sanding pattern to final shape

Setting slats into grooves


Adding the knot-less lashing

Another view


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