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“Laser Series” – Turnings with Embellishments

Technology meets Turnology…

These pieces are an exploration of using the cutting edge technology available to me as a tool for driving a new aesthetic I have been using the laser cutter/etcher to embellish the flat surfaces of a few previous projects.  It dawned on me that if a profiled piece is put inside the laser cutter varying thicknesses and focuses of lines and line-weights could be achieved   The laser has a focus distance,  It is most efficient, and creates the finest line when the piece it is etching or piercing is the correct distance below the lasers eye.   Although the position of the laser stays the same (in the z-axis), by manipulating undulations and providing differing profiles the distance changes depending where the laser is (in the x,y-axis).  This adds the effect I am looking for, however for the most part the outcome is unknown. I am starting to understand how to set this up as to get desirable effects.  There are a lot of variables and faith that go into setting this “experiment” up.  The speed and power of the laser beam, the shape, thickness, and type of wood the “bowl” or “vessel” is made from are all things that can be changed in order to differ the effect.  I plan on experimenting some more with other shapes and programing differences.  There is also potential for kinetic pieces that could create a moire screen effect.


Project Details