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Category: Design

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mandalacover copy

“Gyroscopic Mandala” …what I had been doing my whole life was more than just making sawdust and something pretty. I was  molding my being. Gyroscopic Mandala from Thad Trubakoff on Vimeo. Narrative: I have always been a woodworker. Twelve years old oblivious to the fact that with every chip taken by my hand was also […]


“Laser Series” – Turnings with Embellishments Technology meets Turnology… These pieces are an exploration of using the cutting edge technology available to me as a tool for driving a new aesthetic I have been using the laser cutter/etcher to embellish the flat surfaces of a few previous projects.  It dawned on me that if a profiled […]


“The Weight of Wishes” Bring consciousness to the consequences of making wishes…. There was this carved wooden buddha I used to stare at and touch at my Great Grandma’s house. After she passed away it was the only thing I asked to have. It sat on my shelf until a quickly encroaching iron pour needed […]


“Scales of Cycle” When things are changed the system acts differently… This piece is an exploration of the relationships within a cycle.  When a user introduces an amount of sand to act against a counterweight the cycle is started.  The distances of the pulleys from the axis as well as the size of the pulleys […]




Re-saw and tension. When the tension is released from the clamps it is held by the cording causing a rigid structure. A piece of cocobolo with a most noticeable dark stain caught my eye.  I decided to re-saw the piece into veneers  so we could see the whole stain taken section at a time.    It was […]


Commissioned Shelving Unit… Built in using soft maple