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Category: Art

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mandalacover copy

“Gyroscopic Mandala” …what I had been doing my whole life was more than just making sawdust and something pretty. I was  molding my being. Gyroscopic Mandala from Thad Trubakoff on Vimeo. Narrative: I have always been a woodworker. Twelve years old oblivious to the fact that with every chip taken by my hand was also […]


“Laser Series” – Turnings with Embellishments Technology meets Turnology… These pieces are an exploration of using the cutting edge technology available to me as a tool for driving a new aesthetic I have been using the laser cutter/etcher to embellish the flat surfaces of a few previous projects.  It dawned on me that if a profiled […]


“The Weight of Wishes” Bring consciousness to the consequences of making wishes…. There was this carved wooden buddha I used to stare at and touch at my Great Grandma’s house. After she passed away it was the only thing I asked to have. It sat on my shelf until a quickly encroaching iron pour needed […]


“Scales of Cycle” When things are changed the system acts differently… This piece is an exploration of the relationships within a cycle.  When a user introduces an amount of sand to act against a counterweight the cycle is started.  The distances of the pulleys from the axis as well as the size of the pulleys […]




My Great Grandfather was a skillful tinkerer, able to take any old broken machine and make them whole again or repurpose the parts for use as something else. His small workshop was magical and mysterious to me. I would let myself get lost in there as a young boy, touching, playing, and emulating. This piece […]


Phonograph made from wood and cast metals in action… A little crank action starts the coil spring in a counter-coil motion. It’s counter-part uses the coiled up energy to drive a series of gears and mechanisms that transfer power and regulate speed. New to taking and making videos…Will hopefully have a better quality one up […]


The Project Scope The assignment was a stool with three legs… I decided to use bent lamination and the same profile form for all three legs.   After that it was about figuring out a way to orient them to support a tractor style seat pan.  I had bought one earlier in the week at […]