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Artist Biography:  CV/Resume

Pursuing a MFA in Woods from Arizona State University allows Thad Trubakoff freedom to delve deep into personal passion. Wood.

Thankful is Thad that nature provides us with this maternal material; Structural while pliable, intrinsically beautiful and warm. Being born an intuitive, inventive and often wandering son has filled the catacombs of his creative mind with a wide range of natural and mechanical visual vernacular. Finding a deep connection and passion for woodworking at an early age channels such libraries into the tangible for all. From a small woody mountain town, Flagstaff, Thad has always found comfort and solitude in the forest. Easy is; wood as a medium, converting life morals into a tangible object, the religion. These objects show the methodical and harmonious way he strives to live his life.

Artist Statement:

The lines between Artist, Architect, Designer, Engineer, Inventor, and Scientist have become very blurry for me.

A great conundrum arises. As human actualizations of form, function, structure and aesthetic are set free and inspired by the, seemingly pure, existence of each discipline, they are also bound by each other, belonging to each other, and created for each other. Now such is true, no longer cast by a single mold, the successful Artist must become a consummate creator and master of all disciplines. A realization my work is beginning to understand and exploit.

Short Interview from Katie Mykleseth on Vimeo.

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