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Artist, Designer, Inventor, Creator

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Recent Writes
  • Thesis Exhibition: Opening Reception on Tuesday, November 25th at 6:00 PM. The show will be added to and tweaked with the pedestal finally giving in and bleeding out at a Closing Reception on Thursday December 4th at 6:00 PM. As work comes together and documentation is set in place pressure builds. Here is the progress […]


  • Event information and photo galleries HERE THANK YOU Chris and Chris of for the coding help…I was a ship with no paddles for a while there! Well the event was a success through and through. I showed up late and overworked but installed my piece without a hitch. By the time the show opened I […]

  • In Progress…The event that I received a grant for is coming up and with a week left it looks like I might actually pull it off. Event info HERE and HERE Prototyping Video from Thad Trubakoff on Vimeo.  

  • Mandala- I have always been a woodworker. Twelve years old oblivious to the fact that with every chip taken by my hand was also a letter set in type for a book on how to live my life. The religion, the process, the being…created for each other by each other and bound to each other […]

  • Project Video in current state: SirensPreAutomation from Thad Trubakoff on Vimeo. “Sirens” Designed to provide a moiré screen effect, “Sirens”  is a moving piece of wall sculpture that creates intense visual and audial effects as the opposed wheels spin.  A problem has arisen however, initially the system harnessed energy by catching cascading sand in scoops.  […]

  • The sound of sand cascading over scoops draws you in.  Then the pulsating visuals from the rotating arms command you to shipwreck…the progress/process.                                                                     […]

  • A box for Mom…                    

  • After our show I had the task of preparing for my 15 hour review. Basically you sit before a committee of five, who are professors in the college, where you present your collective body of work. This can be a naturally daunting experience by the nature of the task at hand. Standing in front of […]

  • A while back I was approached by a good friend and amazing guy Damon Mcintyre of: He wanted to do a group collaborative installation at the ASU Night gallery here in Tempe. Of course I was on board as I knew a group he assembled could pull off an amazing show and it was born. […]

  • This semester turned out to be quite fulfilling…Although I never get as much done as I’d like I still walked away with a few nice pieces and also was able to participate in some very nice shows.   Teaching was another thing I had the pleasure of doing this semester.  It was a ton of […]

  • As another project is completed another one if not a few are surely already in the dream/conceptualize stage. I recently became fascinated by the seemingly pure notion of perpetual motion and the pursuit of it. Almost as if these inventors were chasing a Unicorn.   The laws of physics simply won’t allow a free energy […]

What they're saying
  • "...Thad didn’t quite understand my expectations. He built a fine piece of furniture instead. And there’s a good reason for it – building fine furniture is just his style."

    - Mark Stephens